Hyderabad: Owaisi sounds poll bugle at AIMIM’s 65th foundation day

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi asked party workers to be prepared for the upcoming legislative elections in order to win the peace and development of Telangana and to thwart the BJP’s campaign of ‘hate and venom’.

He also urged the state government on Thursday to charge the police officers involved in the killing of Mohammad Khadeer Khan in custody in Medak with murder, stating that suspension is insufficient punishment for a crime of this type.

“You will have to choose between the Constitution and the bulldozer, between Ambedkar and the bulldozer, between love and horrors,” he said, addressing Telangana’s people.

In his remarks during the AIMIM’s 65th foundation day festivities on Thursday in Darussalam, he promised Khadeer’s widow a job at the TMRS school. Also, he pledged financial assistance to her family as well as to the families of Junaid and Nasir from Rajasthan, who cow vigilantes are accused of killing in Haryana.

He launched a tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, criticising Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar for describing India’s economy as little in comparison to China in a TV appearance and citing it as the cause for India’s inability to take meaningful action against China’s border aggressiveness.

Owaisi accused Modi of surrendering to China, which he said had captured 2,000 square kilometres of Indian land, and stated that the country did not want a ‘chaiwala or chowkidar,’ but rather a formidable PM. “What are 300 MPs worth if Modi lacks courage?” he remarked.

“Despite having RSS employees swinging lathis and their social media team, you imply that our economy is inferior to China’s. A country grows in size by having a big heart. If you can’t gather bravery even with 300 MPs, you should be embarrassed,” he continued, citing Ukraine, Vietnam, and Afghanistan as examples of countries that battled against big powers.

He also questioned why Union Home Minister Amit Shah remained mute on Amritpal Singh, the Khalistani separatist who arrived in Punjab from Dubai and has been causing problems for Punjab police.

Owaisi applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to organise a committee to nominate the Chief Election Commissioner, which included the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Chief Justice of India. He also stated that his party will run in the Rajasthan and Karnataka Assembly elections.

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