Hyderabad: Pelican signal system inaugurated at tank bund – Know how it works

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police commissioner CV Anand on Wednesday inaugurated the Pelican signal system at Tank Bund, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

The system is designed to ensure the convenience and safety of pedestrians in Hyderabad. Pelican signals were also activated at 29 other locations across the city.

Pelican signal system helps pedestrians in crossing roads in Hyderabad

The Pelican signal system is a type of pedestrian crossing system that helps people cross the roads safely. The signals are operated by trained traffic volunteers, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of pedestrians while crossing the roads.

These signals are designed to ensure that pedestrians have enough time to cross the road before the traffic signal turns green for the vehicles.

Pedestrian fatalities in Hyderabad

According to the commissioner, 45 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur due to road accidents every year. So far this year, 50 pedestrians have lost their lives in road accidents in Hyderabad.

While the city has foot over bridges in some places, pedestrians are not using them, the commissioner added.

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As per the commissioner, most of the road accidents in Hyderabad happen while pedestrians are crossing the roads.

By providing a safer and more convenient option for pedestrians to cross the roads, the Pelican signal system will help reduce the number of road accidents in Hyderabad.

The Pelican signal system will be a significant boost to the safety of pedestrians in Hyderabad.