Hyderabad: People suffer from bad roads, traffic jams in old city

Hyderabad: The people in the old city of Hyderabad are using social media platforms to vent their anger over the bad conditions of the roads which is obviously the result of never ending excavation and repairing works leading to perennial traffic jams.

People point out that bad roads and incomplete projects are the main cause of traffic jam on the roads.

Most of the roads were excavated for completing some projects but they were left unfinished which is leading to perennial traffic jams.

The problem of traffic jams cannot be ended until the roads are repaired immediately.

The old city areas which are suffering from constant traffic jams are Talab Katta, Edhi Bazar, Shah Ali Banda, Mughalpura, Fateh Darwaza, Himmatpura, Kala Pathar, Kishan Baug, Hussainu Alam, Shmsherganj, Baba Nagar, Saidadabad and Dabirpura. 

The traffic moves at a snail’s pace, especially in areas like Eidi Bazar,  Hari Bauli, Darul Shifa, Falaknuma, Lal Darvaza, Bahadurpura, Kishan Bagh, Hussaini Alam, Purana pul, Santosh Nagar, Malakpet, Baba Nagar and Bandlaguda.