Hyderabad police advancing investigation into doctored video case

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Commissioner of Police (CP) K Srinivas Reddy assured that the city police were making significant progress in the investigation concerning a doctored video involving Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Addressing concerns raised by Delhi police, CP Reddy stresses that official updates would be communicated through appropriate channels, eliminating any confusion.

Highlighting the proactive stance of Hyderabad’s cybercrime police, CP Reddy revealed that they swiftly responded to a complaint lodged by the BJP on April 27. The case was promptly registered, and collaboration with platform officials was initiated to trace the video’s origin, initiating a thorough investigation.

CP Reddy underlined that both Hyderabad and Delhi police were addressing the same case, questioning the necessity for dual investigations. He clarified that while Delhi police filed an FIR on April 28, Hyderabad police had already commenced their probe a day earlier.

Updating on the progress, CP Reddy disclosed that Hyderabad police had apprehended five individuals linked to the case, signaling an advanced stage of investigation. Notably, Justice B Vijaysen Reddy of the Telangana High Court issued directives on May 3, urging both state and Delhi police to refrain from coercive actions against the accused, as they were already implicated in a similar case.

Following complaints filed against the Telangana Congress in Hyderabad and Delhi for allegedly manipulating and disseminating the video of Shah’s remarks on reservations, the video was subsequently removed from the Telangana Congress X handle amid widespread tweets and retweets.

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