Hyderabad police arrest black magician under POCSO Act

Hyderabad: City police arrested a black magician on Friday under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 for inappropriately touching a minor.

On December 12, the police received a written complaint against 52-year-old Sha Ghulam Nakshband Hafeez Pasha who is known to practise black magic in Rahamathabad Shareef Dargah.

The complainant stated that three years ago she suffered from heart problems, breathing issues and weakness of nerves. Upon not receiving treatment that improved her symptoms, she was guided to perform prayers at Rahmathabad Shareef Dargah.

At the Dargah, two individuals, Rafiq and Rasool introduced her to the black magician, Hafeez Pasha. After he conducted the prayers, he was invited to perform prayers at her house in Hyderabad.

Under the pretext of prayers, Hafeez Pasha touched her inappropriately at her home. When she informed her parents about this, he deflected the accusation stating that her mental condition was not good.

With the help of her parents, she fixed hidden cameras in a room where he conducts the prayers. The next time he visited her house to perform the prayers and touched her inappropriately, the act was recorded.

The victim’s family confronted the black magician with the camera footage, after which he admitted guilt and promised to marry her.

The report said that as the date fixed for the marriage approached, he allegedly got himself admitted to Prime Hospital, Ameerpet to avoid the marriage.

She approached the police and requested them to take action as per the law.

A case has been registered against him under the POCSO law and he was arrested and remanded for judicial custody on Friday by the Langar house police.