Hyderabad police auctions off 1141 vehicles for around Rs 65 lakhs

Hyderabad: The city police on Tuesday organised an auction of 1150 abandoned and unclaimed vehicles on Tuesday and collected Rs. 64,63,200 Lakh by selling 1060 of those vehicles.

The auction was directed by Hyderabad City Police at Goshamahal police grounds under the supervision of the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad city.

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During the event, around 550 bidders were present from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and out of 601 vehicles, 568 were sold out. A total of 1150 vehicles were auctioned wherein 1060 abandoned scrap vehicles (1054 two-wheelers, 04 three-wheelers and 02 four-wheeler vehicles) of Hyderabad city were auctioned for Rs.53,05,000/- in scrap condition and the roadworthy out of (90) vehicles 82 two-wheelers were auctioned for Rs. 11,58,200.

A total of 545 two-wheelers, 21 three-wheelers, and 2 four-wheelers from Hyderabad city have been actioned for rs. 44.28 lakh, and another. The amount which was collected by selling vehicles will be deposited in the government treasury.