Hyderabad: Police disrupt YS Sharmila’s ‘silent protest’ at Tank Bund

Hyderabad: The City police on Wednesday disrupted the ‘silent protest’ held by YSRTP chief YS Sharmila and her fellow party workers at Tank Bund.

YS Sharmila held the protest at the Rani Rudrama Devi statue located on the Tankbund road to commemorate International Women’s Day by wearing a mask on her mouth.

Speaking to the media she said: “The state has turned into a fill of land mines for women, planted in the form of crimes and atrocities. One never knows when they explode. For KCR only his daughter represents women and she has put the women to shame and disgrace by being caught in liquor scam,” she said.

They detained her immediately and moved YS Sharmila to her residence in Lotus Pond.

The YSRTP chief alleged that the ruling BRS leaders are engaged in crimes against women.

“KTR’s constituency witnessed rapes against minors. Hyderabad sees rapes in broad daylight. Dalit women are assaulted, killed in lockups but KCR won’t say a word. His assurances for women are fake. Where is the Bharosa app as flaunted by KTR? I checked myself and it’s defunct,” she said.

“Even the Governor was not spared and foul language on her by an MLC made way for his MLA seat,” she further remarked.