Hyderabad: Police nabs ‘chaddi gang’ member, seizes gold worth four lakh

The Cyberabad police have nabbed a member of the “Chaddi Gang” who was accused of robberies in houses located in Hafeezpet and Ameenpur. The police also seized gold worth Rs. four lakhs from him.

Speaking to the media, Madhapur DCP G. Sundeep said that the robbery was conducted by a gang of four members who hail from Dahod district of Gujarat. Out of them, Surmal alias Plas Sumalbhai Kaliyabhai (20) was arrested by Keshod police of Junagadh, Gujarat, whereas Minama Mukeshbhai Bharubhai (27) was nabbed by Cyberabad police from Lingampally railway station.

However, two accused individuals identified as Vikrambhai Dariyabhai Parmar (25) and Mohaniya Nitinbhai (25) are still missing.

It was Vikrambhai, a plumber in Hyderabad, who identified locked houses and hatched a plan to break into them. He invited the other three accused from Gujarat to commit the crime.

After selecting the house, they used to hide in the nearby location until the night. During the night, they used to dress down to their underwear and baniyan, cover their faces with handkerchiefs, and hold footwear in their hands before committing the crime.

The Chaddi Baniyan Gang is a criminal organization that operates in various parts of India. Due to their unique modus operandi of conducting attacks by wearing only undergarments, they are known by the name ‘Chaddi Baniyan’ gang. In addition to their undergarments, they don face masks and cover themselves in oil or mud to conceal their identities.