Hyderabad: Police register case over ‘dating scam’

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Hyderabad: Police here on Friday, June 7, registered a case over an alleged ‘dating scam’ of some young women taking men to a pub and escaping from the place after making them pay a hefty bill.

The women take their victims to the pub, after getting acquainted with the latter on a dating app, and run up an exorbitant bill but quietly escape from the place, police said.

The case, a suo motu action, was registered against the management of the pub given their alleged involvement, they said, adding that an investigation was in progress.

According to details shared on social media by a social activist, a man met a girl on a dating app. Later, the girl asked him to meet her. During their first meeting, the girl took him to a famous pub in Hyderabad.

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Once in the pub, the girl ordered expensive drinks, pushing the bill to over Rs 40,000.

Another person who ended up paying Rs 16,000 narrated a similar story. He also met a girl on a dating app and decided to meet her at Hitech Metro Station.

Later, she took him to a club where she ordered expensive drinks, resulting in a bill of over Rs 16,000.

Following such incidents coming to light, it is expected that many others who were cheated may also come forward to share their ordeal.

Though the bill amounts are high, it is not clear whether the club owners are also involved in the scam.

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