Hyderabad police urge new vehicle owners to register within 30 days

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda Police Department has been taking strict actions to control the incidents of robbery and theft in the city, and their efforts are yielding excellent results. In another recent development, the police have advised vehicle owners to register their new vehicles within 30 days. The department has warned that strict action will be taken against the vehicle owners who do not comply with the rule.

The Rachakonda Police held a review meeting, chaired by Joint Commissioner of Police Rachakonda Satyanarayana, to review the ongoing special drive and its performance. During the meeting, the department officials informed that action has been taken against those who tampered with the number plate, and vehicles running without number plates and registration.

The special drive was launched by the Rachakonda police in January this year, and so far, 48,998 cases have been registered against violators. The police gave details of those who were repeatedly found guilty of the same violation and were produced in court. The Traffic Special Enforcement took action against such citizens and produced them in court, where they were sentenced to one to three days of imprisonment and imposed with heavy fines ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000.

During the meeting, the police officials shared specific cases, such as 23-year-old Sai Kumar of Kandukur, who was sentenced to one day of imprisonment and fined Rs 3,000, and V Venkatesh (41) of Nalgonda, who was sentenced to one day of imprisonment and fined Rs 3,000. The police have taken such measures to curb traffic violations and ensure the safety of the citizens.

The meeting was attended by DCP D Srinivas Sai Kumar and other traffic police officials who reviewed the progress of the ongoing special drive. The department is committed to taking strict actions against those who violate traffic rules and create chaos on the roads. The Rachakonda Police have urged vehicle owners to register their new vehicles within 30 days and avoid facing legal action.