Hyderabad police warn of fake ‘FedEx Courier’ calls as cyber scam surges

Hyderabad: Amid the rising number of cyber scams in India, Hyderabad police issued a warning regarding fake ‘FedEx Courier’ calls.

In the past, due to the scam, many victims lost crores of rupees.

How fake ‘FedEx Courier’ calls deceive people into cyber scams

It all starts with a phone call where the scamsters claim to be a customs officials, asserting that a parcel registered in the victim’s name contains illegal items. Following this claim, the scamsters convince the victim to transfer money online to avoid imprisonment.

They also ask the victim not to report it to anyone for the next few days. The scamsters create a false sense of urgency.

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Cyber attackers evolving baiting methods, warns Telangana police

Due to the rise in fake ‘FedEx Courier’ calls, Hyderabad police have issued a warning related to the latest cyber scam.

Advice against accepting Facebook friend requests from strangers

Apart from staying alert because of the fake ‘FedEx Courier’ calls that deceive people into cyber scams, accepting friend requests on social media from unknowns is also riskier.

Recently, Telangana police advised people not to accept Facebook friend requests from unknown individuals. This advisory extends to other social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

Amid a rise in complaints of extortion involving money, where individuals are trapped by the display of obscenity on Facebook or WhatsApp video calls, Nizamabad Police Commissioner Kalmeshwar Shingenavar has issued these advisories. He also cautioned against sharing OTPs with others.

Despite all precautions, if anyone becomes a victim of cyber fraud, the cybercrime toll-free number 1930 can be dialed, or a complaint can be lodged online (click here).