Hyderabad: Police warns of misbehaviour during Holi celebrations

Hyderabad: While the city gears up for Holi celebrations, Cyberabad police commissioner Stephen Ravindra and Hyderabad police chief CV Anand both warned citizens against misconduct on the festive occasion by issuing a prohibitory order that will be brought into force from March 6 to 8.

According to the order, throwing colours or coloured water on unwilling persons’, places and vehicles, or smearing people with colours on public roads and public places has been barred. Both the Cyberabad and Hyderabad commissioners said that causing annoyance is also prohibited during the festival from 6 pm on Monday until 6 am on Wednesday.

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Movement of two-wheelers and other vehicles in groups on streets and public places which disturb the peace and order and or causing inconvenience and annoyance or danger to the public will also be held as a liable offence.

“Violating of the order shall be liable for prosecution for a violation under section 76 (court trial)of the Hyderabad City Police Act,” said a press release from the Cyberabad police commissioner..