Hyderabad: Private schools continue to charge hefty fees

Hyderabad: The Telangana government has decided to regularize the fees charged in private educational institutions. But the arbitrariness of the administration of private schools continues. Private schools in the city of Hyderabad and especially in the old city are demanding additional fees from the students in addition to the education fee.

The poor and middle classes are not in a position to pay the additional fees and many poor families are forced to forgo better education for their children. It is reported that private schools in the old city charged more than Rs 2,000 as an examination fee from class 10 students, which includes the provision of material by the school.

The parents have complained that the schools in Kalapathar and surrounding areas are pressurizing the students of class 10 to pay Rs 500 as a special fee. In case of non-payment, the students are being punished by exposure to the sun, or the students are sent home.

Despite the assurance from the parents of the students, there has been no change in the attitude of the school administration. Charging extra fees in the name of exams has become a norm for private schools. Inhuman behavior is adopted while punishing young students.

The parents of the students demanded the government to take action against the schools charging extra fees and end their minority status. They have also requested Education Minister Sabita Indira Reddy to form a special committee to monitor school fees.

The government had directed the officials of the education department to regularize the fees in the schools, but as a result of collusion between the school management and the officials, additional burden is being imposed on the parents of the students.