Hyderabad: Protests against Israel attacks in Gaza at Tank Bund

Hyderabad: Following a call for global protest on Saturday, January 13, against the Israel attacks in Gaza, scores of people participated in a protest program held at Tank Bund in the afternoon.

The participants of the program drawn from various segments like students, working professionals, intellectuals, social activists and others converged at the statue of acclaimed poet and writer Maqdoom Mohiuddin at 4 pm.

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The participants carried banners and posters to highlight the atrocities and war crimes perpetrated in Gaza by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). A human chain was formed by the participants who demanded an immediately ceasefire and halt to the Gaza genocide.

The participants urged the world community to raise their voice for the children, women and the elderly who are immensely suffering due to the ongoing bombardment and attacksĀ inĀ Gaza.