Hyderabad: Public transport workers to protest new motor vehicles rules

Hyderabad: The implementation of a new central motor vehicles act has led to a protest by owners of auto-rickshaws, cabs, and lorries at Raj Bhavan on April 12.

The reason for the protest is due to hefty penalties imposed for getting a vehicle’s fitness certificate. A penalty of Rupees 50 per day from the day of default has not gone down well with the transporters.

Many of them had applied for the first time post-COVID-19 and were shocked to see a penalty of Rs 50 levied per day, since the day of the default.

According to the RTA’s calculations, some of the defaulters are to pay close to Rs 50,000 for getting vehicle fitness certificates.

Mohammed Basheer, owner of a cab service was quoted by Hans India saying, “When I booked a slot in automated online services for checking the fitness of the vehicle, I was shocked to see the penalty amount of Rs 47,350, which was started from mid-2019 from the day of lapse.”