Hyderabad: Pulla Reddy Sweets fined Rs 25K for selling rotten items

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on G Pulla Reddy Sweets’ Shamshabad branch on Saturday.

This comes only days after the civic officials fined Hyderabad’s famed Karachi Bakery after a client complained about packed sweets from the store having fungus on them.

Officials went to Pulla Reddy’s kitchen after a disgruntled customer claimed that the sweets they bought from the store were rotten.

G Pulla Reddy Sweets is a well-known sweet business with many locations across Hyderabad city.

If you observe a restaurant to be unsanitary or its food to be adulterated or polluted, you can report it to the GHMC and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). You can file a complaint using FSSAI’s Food Licensing website (here).

Anyone who sells, stores, distributes or imports food that contains improper or extraneous content is subject to a penalty of up to one lakh rupees, according to Section 54 of the FSSAI Act.

Karachi Bakery fined Rs 10000 for selling stale packed sweets

Earlier this week the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on Karachi Bakery for selling stale packed sweets that had fungus.

The bakery was booked after a customer reported the incident to the GHMC on Twitter. The customer bought a packed box of Mysore Pak from the bakery’s branch in Khajaguda on December 29. When he opened the box of sweets for consumption, he noticed that they had gone stale with fungus growing on them.

The civic body responded and assured him that the authorities had been informed and appropriate action would be taken.

The Circle Assistant Medical Officer, KS Ravi, and Food Contamination Control Officer Surya visited the branch of bakery in Khajaguda and found it in violation of COVID-19 rules along with a lack of sanitation, improper waste disposal and sewerage system, and use of plastics.

An official of the bakery told Siasat.com earlier that an investigation is underway and efforts are being made to determine how the customer received the sweets with fungus. “Necessary action will be taken to see that this doesn’t repeat itself,” he said.