Hyderabad: Rachakonda police launch Women Safety Surveillance Register

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police have introduced a ‘Women Safety Surveillance Register’ to monitor the activities of sexual offenders and provide support to victims.

This register will be maintained at all police stations across the commissionerate.

Rachakonda Police Commissioner, G Sudheer Babu said that the register aimed to support and follow up with victims ensuring that the suspect was not causing further inconvenience, or trouble or committing offences against the same or other women.

“The register requires monitoring for at least six months to track the offenders causing sexual harassment. The SHO and Sector SIs are responsible for maintaining this register confidentially,” he said.

According to the program, police officers are required to personally call victims or their family members to check if they are being subjected to further sexual harassment, threatening, inducement, intimidation, or other forms of crime. This proactive approach aims to protect the victim, ensure their safety, and facilitate strong action against the suspects.

“It is necessary to verify if the suspect whose name is entered into the registry, is committing similar offences against other women and to monitor their behaviour,” the commissioner said.

The whereabouts and current activities of convicted sexual offenders or habitual offenders will be checked to determine if they are engaging in similar offenses. This proactive approach aims to protect potential victims and ensure the safety of the community.