Hyderabad: Rachakonda police to deploy 10000 officials for LS polls

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police will deploy nearly 10,000 officials for the smooth conduct of the Lok Sabha elections on Monday.

Tarun Joshi, Rachakonda Commissioner of Police, said five Lok Sabha constituencies – fully and partly fall in their jurisdiction.

He said that eight inter-district check posts were set up while 29 flying squads and 25 static surveillance teams are functioning in commissionerate to curb inducement, transportation of cash, liquor, drugs, freebies, etc.

All the polling stations, particularly critical polling stations, have been geo-tagged in the TSCOP application by the IT core team and 72 police officers have been deployed to monitor the election process, he informed.

Tarun Joshi said there are 3396 polling stations, 1590 polling locations, 533 critical polling stations and 188 critical locations in Rachakonda.

He said so far, the police seized 12240 litres of liquor worth Rs. 75.78 lakhs, 245 grams of precious metals worth Rs. 14.7 lakhs and drugs worth Rs. 1.95 crores. He said a total of 806 weapons were deposited.

A total of 1036 Non-Bailable Warrants were executed and 4892 persons who were “troublemongers mongers were bound over.”

The Rachakonda Commissioner further warned the troublemongers of stringent action if they create any mischief.

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