Hyderabad: Raja Singh delivers another hate speech, threatens violence

Hyderabad: Goshamahal sitting MLA T Raja Singh once again has delivered a hate speech and threatened ‘violent consequences’ if he loses in the constituency, in the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections.

According to HindutvaWatch, he delivered the speech at an event held at Goshamahal on November 13, Monday, as part of his election campaigning.

A short version of the speech’s video went viral on social media.

‘This election is matter of life and death’: Raja Singh

“This election is a matter of life and death to me and I am not afraid of either dying or murdering. Before any brother indulges in traitorship..think twice. That’s because my enmity can be very costly,” he can be heard warning people in the video.

Further, targetting AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, he asked the crowd: “If BJP comes to power in Telangana after the elections, whose legs will this Owaisi come fall on?” he asked, to which, an audience member can be heard shouting, “Raja Bhai ke. (Of Raja Bhai’s).”

Then, Raja Singh says: “But we will not let these rats touch our feet. These traitors will be thrown out of the country. But why?…because whoever supports these terrorists will not get friendship…these terrorists will be sent to 72 hoor.”

Voting of Hindus should go up: Raja Singh

Speaking further, the MLA said that the voting of Hindus should go up in the upcoming Assembly polls at Goshamahal.

“If you notice the voting in the previous elections, our (Hindus) voting was quite low. That’s because our voters assume that the BJP will anyway win and there is no point in standing in line under the sun. But you (BJP cadre) have to change this thought process. We have to tell them (Hindu voters) that, our enemies..who kill cows and indulge in love jihad, religious conversion are 70000 in number and our counting begins at 0,” he said.

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Raja Singh also said that the minority vote has gone up since 2018.

“15000 to 17000 bogus votes have increased in Goshamahal. Because these people have made a calculation from 2018. In 2018, the minority vote split between two places and that is why, this time, they are making sure it doesn’t happen. Their goal is to hoist the green flag in Goshamahal. This is their target,” he said.

Minorities from around the world funding my defeat: Raja Singh

He also claimed that minorities not just from across the country, but from around the world are sending funds in order to defeat him at Goshamahal.

“When I was in jail, many in the Old City said that they would cut the heads of Hindus. Beta, our heads are not of goats that your knife could come close to our necks. Before the knife comes closer, we can make your hands disappear. (claps)

Raja Singh was suspended by the BJP and was arrested by the Hyderabad police for making derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad. He was later released on bail.

The saffron party inducted him back into the party just before the party released its second list of candidates.

According to the affidavit submitted by him while filing his nomination, Raja Singh has 75 criminal cases against him. Most of them are hate speech cases booked in different parts of Telangana and other states.

The number of cases against him in 2018 was 43 including 38 hate speech cases.

While the incumbent BRS has fielded Nand Kishor Vyas Bilal from Goshamahal, the Congress has nominated Mogili Sunitha Rao Mudhiraj as its candidate.

Telangana is going to the polls on November 30.