Hyderabad: Rashtrapati Nilayam kept open for public till January 15

Hyderabad: Rashtrapati Nilayam, the President of India’s only official retreat home in Bollaram, will be open for the public to have a glimpse of the facility between 10 am and 5 pm from January 3 to January 15.

An entry ticket would be issued to every visitor and it has to be returned after the visit at the counter near Gate No. 2 of the Nilayam.

The Rashtrapati Nilayam building was taken over from the Nizam of Hyderabad after India attained independence and handed over to the President’s Secretariat.

Since then, the house is kept open for the public every year after the President’s Southern Sojourn in the first week of January.

Citizens can visit the main building, where presidents along with their families stay during their southern sojourn.

A single-storied main building was built in 1860 and has 16 rooms, including a dining hall, darbar hall, morning room, children’s room and other facilities.

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Various landscaped gardens, herbal gardens, seasonal flowering plants gardens, cascading waterfalls and different types of gardens of mango, pomegranate, guava, amla, coconut and cheeku (sapota) have been created on the Nilayam premises.

The herbal garden is spread over 7,000 square metres and has 116 species of medicinal and aromatic plants, and the Nakshatra garden is a major attraction at the Nilayam.

Authorities of the Nilayam have reportedly proposed to build a ‘maze garden’ for children on the premises for which President Droupadi Murmu laid the foundation during her recent visit.

Nearly 120 visitors visited the premises on Monday even though it was not officially opened to citizens.