Hyderabad: Residents of Wadi-e-Salehaan in Jalpally demand road

Hyderabad: Local residents of Wadi-e-Saleheen in Jalpally municipality demanded that the authorities immediately lay a new road in the area.

A local resident, Samad Bin Siddiq, said in Ward Number 23, the local residents are facing a lot of problems as the muddy path leading to the Colony from Paradise Function Hall. There is an urgent need to lay concrete road. The muddy path is dotted with several big potholes and used by hundreds of families to reach the main road.

“People are falling down while travelling on the road. Several complaints made to the local ward members and councilors are of no use. Public representatives are telling us there are no funds,” complained Samad Bin Siddiq.

He said the local people are facing problems due to lack of street lights on the road. “When it rains people are not able to walk on the path. Senior citizens and children face immense problems while using the stretch,” he said.

Moinuddin, a local resident of Ward Number 10 complained the Jalpally Municipality officials sanctioned roads in a couple of lanes in the Wadi-e-Salaheen and totally forgot to lay the main road connecting the numerous lanes.

Auto rickshaws, cars, motorcycles and bicycles ply on the road all through the day and all the road users are facing problems due to lack of proper roads.

The people want the local MLA P Sabita Indra Reddy to instruct the officials to sanction a road and start the works immediately.