Hyderabad restaurants to soon receive hygiene ratings

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Hyderabad: The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) has decided to give hygiene ratings to restaurants in Hyderabad.

This decision follows recent raids conducted at various restaurants in the city.

Hygiene rating for Hyderabad restaurants to enhance accountability

This initiative aims to increase the accountability of NRAI members.

The association has also constituted a special task force comprising 15 members, chaired by NRAI Hyderabad chapter head Sampath Tummala. It will ensure the implementation of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) standards across the city.

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To increase hygiene standards in Hyderabad restaurants, the team will work in collaboration with FSSAI and GHMC.

To spread awareness about hygiene, an event is likely to be organized shortly.

NRAI task force to organize workshops, trainings

As part of the initiative to increase awareness about hygiene, the NRAI task force will hold workshops and training sessions for restaurants in Hyderabad.

These initiatives are being implemented after the Food Safety Department of Telangana’s task force found hygiene issues at various restaurants during inspections.

It remains to be seen how these initiatives will improve hygiene standards in restaurants in the city.

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