Hyderabad: Rs 1.01 Cr online fraud prevented by by TSCSB

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Immediate action including informing the bank and the police within the ‘golden hour’ (12 minutes) of a massive cyber or online fraud saved a man from losing Rs 1.01 crore on Sunday, April 27. The quick response by the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) prevented the fraudulent transactions from going through and were put on hold by the banks.

According to the TSCSB, the complainant named Harsh received three messages informing him about three unauthorised online transactions – Rs 50 lakh twice and another for Rs 10,000 – on April 27. Essentially scammers somehow got access to his personal details and managed to do the online transactions.

The resident of Nacharam immediately informed the TSCSB on the 1930 helpline and also alerted the bank, after which cyber crime officials uploaded details of the online transactions on the CFCFRMS portal. That prevented the fraud transaction from going through to the suspect.

Shikha Goel, head of the TSCSB said that the swift action by Harsh in informing authorities and the police for putting the transaction on hold saved the complainant Rs 1 crore. She also appealed the general public to reach out and inform the cyber crime cell over 1930 immediately if they notice any fraudulent transactions.

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