Hyderabad: ‘Save Waqf Board properties’, ALMMO protests at Dharna Chowk

Hyderabad: All India Muslim Minority organization (ALMMO) staged a protest at Dharna Chowk on Friday demanding judicial powers for Waqf Board.

Members of various Muslim organisations, social activists, and several citizens participated in the protest.

Protestors accused chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao of not abiding by his statements given in the Assembly nine years ago.

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They held that the dharna was to remind the CM of the promises made in his manifesto nine years ago.

Saving the Waqf properties is the motive behind the protest, a protestor said.

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ALMMO demands Judicial Powers to Wakf Board, Protection of Wakf Properties

They further added that the Muslim minorities have been betrayed in terms of their rights and that the state government should hand over the waqf properties to underprivileged Muslims only.

Chairman of Deccan Waqf Protection Society, Osman Hajiri said that the state government had earlier promised the judicial powers to be given to Waqf Board. “However, the promise remains unfilled,” he added.

He said that Waqf land encroachments have been going on for ages, but prime properties of the Waqf like that of the Hussain sha wali Dargah, which is worth around one lakh crore, have been lost though it was under the favor of the board after an argument in Telangana High Court.