Hyderabad: SBI suspect cybercrime as money withdrawn from bank’s account

Hyderabad: The officials of the State Bank of India in Hyderabad approached the police after money got debited from the SBI’s capital account instead of the customer’s bank account while cash was withdrawn from an ATM near Ram Nagar Bridge in the city.

According to a report by The Telangana Today, the incident came to light when the bank noticed that money was being debited repeatedly from its account. At least Rs.3.4 lakh was said to be withdrawn from the bank’s capital account, which has money obtained from its shareholders and investors.

Bank officials are suspecting that this might be due to cybercriminal activity. No other SBI ATM in the city has faced the issue.

According to a bank official, the bank manager has lodged a complaint with the Cybercrime police station over the incident. The police have registered a case and investigations are underway.