Hyderabad: School closed after student contracts COVID-19

Hyderabad: A school in Hyderabad was forced to discontinue offline classes after a student of Class IX contracted COVID-19.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the school which is located in Banjara Hills has returned to the online mode of classes on Thursday. It has started offline classes on November 1.

The parents of the students alleged that the school has failed to take precautionary measures and claimed that many kids are witnessing COVID-19 symptoms.

A parent of a Class IX student of the same school alleged that despite requesting the management to continue online classes, in-person classes were started and parents were forced to send their children to school.

Now parents are saying that they will send their children to school only if management gives assurance that all the COVID-19 guidelines will be followed strictly.

Schools in Hyderabad discontinue online classes

Almost all schools in Hyderabad have discontinued online classes and started in-person classes. They are compelling parents to send their children to schools.

Although they are claiming that all COVID-19 norms are being followed at the schools, parents are still hesitant to send their children for in-person classes due to the COVID-19 threat.

why parents say ‘no’ to in-person classes

The daily count of COVID-19 cases has declined in the state. However, the threat still exists as the state is continuously reporting over 100 cases daily.

Telangana government’s target to vaccinate all eligible persons in the state has not been achieved so far. Even vaccines are not available for kids.

Keeping all these circumstances in view, the parents are hesitating to send their children to school.