Hyderabad: Sewage overflow irks Nabil colony residents, commuters

Hyderabad: Many areas have been inundated after heavy rains lashed the city last week. One such area is the Nabil colony, Barkas, where the excess rainwater, mixed with overflowing drains has been making the life of residents miserable.

According to local residents, the overflowing of the sewage water in the area spreads up to the road and it is difficult for the commuters and the children to walk in the area. The locals say that they have less fear of inundation but are more worried about the spread of seasonal diseases.

Speaking to siasat.com, Awad, a local resident, said, “Overflowing drains is a major issue we face whenever it rains, the whole street gets flooded.”

Residents claim that whenever it rains, the water from Osman Nagar, Mallapur, all the sewage lines from the surrounding colonies overflow and passes through Nabil colony and enter into Gurram Cheruvu.

Local residents said they are facing a harrowing time due to the stench emanating from the drainage water. “We urge Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana education minister Sabita Indra Reddy and minister of municipal administration and urban development K T Rama Rao to take immediate action for the pending drainage work,” they said.

According to the IMD, Hyderabad received an aggregate rainfall of 69 mm as of 8.30 am on July 15, the third-highest rainfall in 24 hours in the last decade. The highest rainfall was on July 21, 2012, with 115.1 mm and the second-highest rainfall was on July 12, 2013, with 86.4 mm.