Hyderabad: Sex racket that uses OTP to trap customers busted

Hyderabad: A sex racket that sent customers secret codes via OTP was busted by the Narsingi police. Police stated that they had never seen such a “high-tech” racket in the city previously.

Police officials came across the high-profile case 10 days ago, and informed that the perpetrators were Ugandan nationals. According to a report, the accused only allowed customers to meet sex workers after they shared a secret code.

An OTP is generally used for data transfer; for sharing of data, logging into emails or internet banking. However, the accused in this particular case followed this authentification system in order to avoid getting caught by the law enforcement agencies.

The police conducted a raid at a flat where they found four Ugandan nationals, including three sex workers and a customer. During the investigation, it came to light that the brothel and the customer contacted each other through a dating app.

Reportedly, both parties would converse on WhatsApp, and decide on payment. Once a customer agreed to pay the amount, which was Rs 15,000 per night, they would be provided with a secret code which they could show to a female sex worker at a particular flat.

After the customer met the sex worker, organisers made sure that their contact details and other information were erased from the mobile phone of the customer. “This was done so that the customer does not misuse it and at the same time, to protect them from sharing evidence with police,” a Narsingi cop said.

Narsingi police named the brothel organiser, a Ugandan woman, and a customer as accused. Another man from Uganda, who lured the customers, is currently absconding.