Hyderabad: Shameerpet police thwarts burglary at bizman’s house; 4 held

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Hyderabad: The police thwarted a burglary at a businessman’s residence in Pothaipally village of Shameerpet by apprehending a group of dacoits who were allegedly conducting reconnaissance at his place. The incident took place on Friday, July 5.

The accused have been identified as Chintala Ram Reddy, Saleem Tamimi, Jeripothula Bumaiah, and Penubelly Srinivas.

Two sharp-edged knives, five mobile phones, three motorcycles, a car, and an autorickshaw were also seized from the culprits’ possession, police said.

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All of them conspired together to target a wealthy real estate businessman in Pothaipally village. Chintal, the mastermind of the plan, enlisted the other accused to commit the dacoity. He reportedly transferred Rs 3 lakhs to Saleem and planned with other accomplices to target other wealthy residences.

While they were repeatedly conducting surveillance near the said businessman’s house, police officers patrolling the area noticed their suspicious moves. Although they attempted to flee the spot, they were apprehended by the Shameerpet police.

The police said that some members of the group were absconding and some were yet to be identified.

By observing newly enacted criminal law, police registered a case under sections 310 (4) & 61 (2) of The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS) 2023, against the accused.

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