Hyderabad: SHE Team arrests 39 for harassing women since Jan 1

Hyderabad: The SHE Team of Hyderabad police has nabbed 39 individuals for allegedly harassing women in the city.

The accused were found involved in obscene acts, including groping women in several crowded areas of the city, including Numaish Exhibition Nampally, Charminar, Afzalgunj bustop, Parade Grounds during the Kite Festival, People’s Plaza, etc.

Of the 39 accused, 10 were found guilty served three-day imprisonment and Rs 250 fine. The other three were let off after warnings. In 26 cases, the accused need to appear before the magistrate.

SHE Teams work in mufti and often patrol crowded, designated places where women may be harassed or teased in order to ensure a safe atmosphere. When this kind of harassment or teasing is seen, the respondents are apprehended using video evidence, and cases are filed against the offenders.

Police have urged the public to contact Hyderabad City Police on WhatsApp at 9490616555 with any complaints of harassment or eve teasing.