Hyderabad shines again in global ‘City Nature Challenge’

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: For the second consecutive year, Hyderabad has secured a top position in the global City Nature Challenge-2024, reaffirming its status as a biodiversity hotspot. The challenge, held from April 26-29, saw Hyderabad emerge as a frontrunner among over 670 cities and towns worldwide.

Participating in the event since 2023, Hyderabad clinched the top spot in India, second only to Nanakmatta in Uttarakhand. Globally, Hyderabad secured the 13th position, standing second in Asia after Hong Kong. La Paz, Bolivia, Monterrey Mexico, and San Antonio claimed the top three spots.

During the four-day event, 527 observers meticulously cataloged 2,092 species of flora and fauna, contributing to a total of 34,388 observations. Notably, the Neem tree and Sacred Fig emerged as the most observed plants, while the peacock and Red-vented bulbul were the most spotted bird species in Hyderabad.

The City Nature Challenge, initiated by Alison Young, Rebecca Johnson, and Lila Higgins, aims to document urban biodiversity and was initially limited to LA and San Francisco before expanding globally.

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