Hyderabad: Shortage of doctors in old city health centers

Hyderabad: The area hospitals, urban primary centers, and Basti dawakhana in old Hyderabad city are facing acute shortage of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and medicines.

Due to the staff shortage the covid-19 awareness, testing, and vaccination programs are impacted adversely. The covid-19 positive cases are increasing day by day. There are reports of more than 1000 positive cases in GHMC areas.

The total number of tests in GHMC areas has decreased. There are more than 50 cases detected daily in the Charminar zone alone.

The number of tests conducted in a day is not exceeding 150 to 200 out of which 50 people are testing positive. The number of affected people could be more if the tests are increased to find out the real situation, “Mohammed Ahmad, a social activist said, adding “Most people are suffering from cold, cough, fever and runny nose.”

“Due to the shortage of medicines and staff in government health centers people are visiting private clinics where they are not undergoing covid test.,” Ahmed said.

Major Health care centers are found in the old city at Malakpet, Puranapul, Lal Darwaza, Darushifa, and Dabeerpura which are also facing shortages of doctors. Most health centers where doctors are available are not performing their duties regularly. Most of the time only nurses or Asha workers are found at these centers.

A survey carried out by an NGO Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) found that there is an urgent need to improve the Medical services in Basti dawakhana.

The HHF’s Mujtaba Hasan Askari said that most of the time the doctors are not available at Basti dawakhana and hence about 65% of people are visiting private clinics for treatment. “Though the consultation fees in these clinics range between Rs 50 to Rs100 the medicines prescribed by the doctors cost between Rs 500 to Rs 1000 which is beyond the capacity of the poor people,” Askari said.