Hyderabad: Siasat’s 123rd Du-Ba-Du program held at Toli Chowki

Hyderabad: The 123rd Du-Ba-Du Mulaqat program organized by The Siasat Daily and Millat Fund was held on Sunday at SA Imperial Garden, Toli Chowki where a large number of parents gathered and exchange the profiles of their loved ones.

Managing Director, HMV Group, Malaysia Dato’ Muhammad Azeemuddin joined the program as chief guest. He praises the services of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan who have been playing a major role in alleviating the anxiety of parents for finding the desired matrimonial alliances.

He stressed on the parents that if they give priority to the morals of boys and girls, then marriage issues will be resolved easily. He said that India follows Islamic values along with modern civilization and Indian women respect Islamic teachings. He also assures that a Du-Ba-Du program will be held in Malaysia soon on the lines of Siasat’s initiative.

Dr. Nazim Ali said that these days the problems of girls’ marriages are increasing day by day in Muslim society. Mr. Majid Ansari, Director, Deccan Professional Consultancy said that Siasat tried to remove the scourge of dowry and unnecessary rituals in society through this program. He advises parents to perform wedding ceremonies with simplicity and ease. He congratulated Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan on the program.

Mr. Ilyas Basha urged the parents to improve their intentions. The better the intention, the more Allah’s SWT help and support will be included. He said it is important to find a match that suits the girl. Mr. Basha said some people do not prefer to marry with girls living in the villages, while those who are living in the villages are morally virtuous and could perform better from family point of view, but they do not pay attention to this.

Mr. Muhammad Usman Al Hajri, N. Salman (NRI), Mirza Mateen Baig (NRI), Mr. Manawar Hussain, Mr. Syed Tameemuddin, Mr. Muhammad Hussain, Mr. Muhammad Jamalur Rehman and others were present on this occasion.