Hyderabad siblings discover father’s death in Saudi Arabia after months

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Jeddah: Thirteen-year-old Saleha feels a pang of despair hearing about other girls receiving Eid gifts from their fathers.

Six years ago, Saleha last saw her father, Shaikh Ahmed, when he visited Hyderabad. Since then, Saleha and her six siblings have longed to see their Saudi-based father, but hope has dwindled.

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The family struggles to cope with the tragedy after recently receiving news from Saudi Arabia that Shaikh Ahmed, their sole breadwinner, had passed away.

Shaikh Ahmed’s last contact with his family was on August 9, 2023, before he embarked on an Umrah journey. Subsequently, there was no communication from him.

Shaikh Ahmed
Shaikh Ahmed

Rasheedunnisa, his wife, desperately searched for him, but to no avail. After a seven-month ordeal, the family learned of their father’s death in a Makkah hospital.

The Indian consulate recently informed the family of Shaikh Ahmed’s death on September 14, 2023, with burial taking place in Makkah on December 13. Notably, Indian authorities were not notified of his burial.

“My husband passed away, but we have no information about the circumstances of his death,” said Rasheedunnisa.

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar, a community worker in Riyadh, explained their struggle to obtain information from the Indian Embassy and Consulate.

Hailing from Jahanuma in Hyderabad’s Old City, Shaikh Ahmed worked in Riyadh for nearly four decades, striving to provide for his family, which includes a wife, five daughters, and two sons.

The family has faced dire hardships in recent months, struggling to pay rent and educational fees for their children while meeting basic needs.

Those willing to help the destitute family can do so through G-Pay or PhonePe on this number: 8247707755.

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