Hyderabad: SIM card smuggling racket busted, 3 arrested

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Telangana Cyber Security Bureau (TGCSB) busted a SIM card smuggling racket following the arrest of three persons from Hyderabad.

Director TGCSB Shikha Goel said the accused Shaik Subhani, 26, resident of Jagathgirigutta, K Naveen, 22, resident of Jeedimetla and M Prem Kumar alias Mike Tyson, 24, a resident of RTC cross roads procured SIM cards using identity documents of different persons and sent it to Dubai.

These SIM cards were then supplied to cybercriminals in Cambodia, Thailand and Dubai. The SIM cards were used to dupe Indian nationals.

Goel explained the key players residing in Dubai coordinated the receipt of SIM cards and bank accounts from their associates across India. Vijay, the main accused residing in Dubai, collaborated with SIM card suppliers from Uttar Pradesh.

These SIM cards were then couriered to Michael, who sent them to Naveen and Subhani using Rapido. Naveen and Subhani subsequently hand over the SIM cards to Vijay whenever he visits India. “Vijay worked in a Chinese-run call centre in Dubai and supplied SIM cards to Chinese people at higher prices, such as Rs. 500, which were sold for Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,000, depending on their position within the supply chain. The accused set up multiple Telegram groups, such as “Indian SIM Cards Sale” and “Indian Bank Accounts Sale,” to attract potential buyers,” said the Director TGSCB.

The Telangana Cyber Security Bureau (TGCSB) also urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to the procurement and sale of SIM cards and bank accounts. Citizens are advised to be cautious, as their identities may be misused for illegal activities.

Individuals who knowingly sell their own bank accounts or SIM cards are warned that such actions can lead to severe legal consequences.

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