Hyderabad: Slab of under-construction building collapses, none injured

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The slab of an under-construction building collapsed in Puppalguda on Saturday. Fortunately, nobody was injured. Poor quality of RCC material used in construction is believed to have been the reason for the collapse.

The incident happened in Road number 14 of Alkapur road in Puppalguda, when the slab of the second floor of a multistoried building collapsed. Luckily, no worker was present on the floor when the incident happened.

The collapsed slab took along with it the temporary wooden masonry used by workers on the outer periphery of the building.

The builders reportedly behaved in a high-handed manner with the reporters who tried to take pictures and gather information there, saying nothing had happened there. The roads facing the collapsed side was closed by authorities, as part of the collapsed slab landed on a high-tension wire, and is presently rested on it for support.

Even in the past, the driver of a tractor working on the site died after his vehicle overturned.

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