Hyderabad Solidarity Forum condemn Manipur violence wearing black masks

Hyderabad: In solidarity with violence-hit Manipur, the Hyderabad Solidarity Forum gathered near the Nampally Exhibition Grounds on Tuesday wearing black masks and holding placards.

The Hyderabad Solidarity Forum released a statement describing the situation in Manipur as the “perfect example” of a culture fed with divisive politics and religious hate.

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“Fuelled by the rampant spread of divisive communal narratives, such violence has taken the shape of riots, evictions, murder, calls to genocide, confiscation of lands and a plethora of other tactics deployed by dominant majority communities who have vested economic and political interests. Mainstream narratives of these incidents ensure that the voices and the realities of the marginalised are silenced,” the press noted read.

Condemning the ethnic violence that left 60 dead, and more than 23,000 displaced across the state, the Hyderabad Solidarity Forum’s statement demanded collective action against violence fed with hate.

“We take a collective stance against such violence, oppression and divisive narratives fuelled by false information. We aim to revive the spirit of unity, understanding, goodwill and peace that our country so desperately needs. We demand the cessation of violence in the state and the recognition of the rights of the minority communities to their lands,” the statement read.