Hyderabad: Startup developed at MS Academy incubator replaces 5M plastic bags

Hyderabad: City-based biotechnology startup BioReform, incubated at EdVenture Park – an MS Education Academy initiative, has successfully replaced 5 million plastic bags over the past two years.

Founded by Azhar Mohiuddin, BioReform Pvt Ltd produces 100% eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. The company’s ‘GreenyBags’ are not only environmentally friendly but also boast features such as water resistance, thermal durability (ranging from -25°C to 105°C), food-grade quality, full customisation in size and thickness, printability, brandability, and heat sealability.

“Moreover, these bags are 30-40% more affordable than existing alternatives,” says Azhar Mohiuddin, Founder & CEO of BioReform and an incubee of EdVenture Park, India’s premier student-focused startup incubator that has nurtured 228 startups and worked with 450 entrepreneurs.

BioReform raised angel round funding through EdVenture Park to set up a manufacturing facility, inaugurated on January 12, 2022, by Jayesh Ranjan, then Principal Secretary of IT, Industries & Commerce.

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In its two-year journey, BioReform has replaced over 5 million plastic bags and expanded into 8 cities and 3 countries. Azhar Mohiuddin hopes to see BioReform enter the packaging, consumer goods, and medical sectors, which constitute millions of tons of plastic pollution, as India alone needs more than 150 million kgs of plastic alternatives.

BioReform recently celebrated its 2nd Foundation Day, commemorating its achievements with customers who supported the move towards a greener India.

Priyanka Varghese, the event’s Guest of Honour and Dean of FCRI lauded BioReform’s efforts, noting their alignment with global efforts to tackle plastic pollution and promote sustainability.

Mohammed Lateef Khan, Founder & Chairman of MS Education Academy, highlighted BioReform’s milestone in converting over five million plastic bags and encouraged students and young entrepreneurs to leverage the facilities at EdVenture Park.

He advised, “Embracing entrepreneurship often requires sacrifices. Success in any field is often the result of consistent good habits, and avoiding procrastination and negative thinking can lead to success. When you contribute value, financial success naturally follows.”