Hyderabad: Student leaders detained for disrupting OU laser show

Hyderabad: A protest broke out at Osmania University as police arrested leaders from different student groups who tried to stop a laser show on Sunday evening. The university regularly hosts laser shows on weekends, showcasing the lives of famous people.

However, some student groups were unhappy because they felt the show didn’t include the stories of George Reddy and Gaddar, two well-known figures. When the laser show started, these students protested, saying they wanted their stories to be told too.

Things got tense, and the police had to step in to calm the situation. They detained the student leaders who were causing trouble. During the commotion, the students chanted slogans in support of Gaddar and George Reddy.

The police took quick action to ensure that the laser show could continue without any further disruptions. They escorted the detained students away from the scene to prevent any more disturbances.