Hyderabad surgeon becomes first Indian doctor to get SRC accreditation

Hyderabad: The Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) on Tuesday accredited renowned endometriosis surgeon Dr. Vimee Bindra of Hyderabad as a master surgeon in multidisciplinary endometriosis therapy.

Dr Bindra is the first physician from India to achieve this distinction.

Dr. Bindra’s accreditation indicates that she has met internationally recognised standards.

“Achieving accreditation means being the best in the speciality and dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care possible as per international standards. A lot is required when accreditation is applied for. These requirements include surgical volumes, facility equipment, a virtual tour of the facility, clinical pathways and standardised operating procedures, a random selection of files and emphasis on patient education. The inspectors evaluated all these standards and granted us the accreditation,” said Dr Vimee Bindra.

Healthcare facilities and surgeons seeking SRC accreditation are subjected to a thorough evaluation to ensure they meet the established standards and requirements.

“We are proud to recognise Dr Bindra for her commitment to advancing and providing quality care for all the patients. This accreditation signals that the surgeon is among the best in this speciality and is dedicated to delivering highest level of care possible,” Gary M Pratt, CEO of SRC said.