Hyderabad: T-Hub celebrates 8th anniversary; unveils two initiatives

Hyderabad: The T-Hub (Technology Hub) celebrated its 8th Foundation Day on Thursday, November 16 and unveiled two initiatives titled ‘T-Bridge’ and ‘T-Scale’.

T-Bridge, the International Wing, aims to enable global market access for startups while T-Scale will introduce a novel growth maturity model.

The initiative will guide 25 qualifying startups through a 12-month journey to achieve Series-A readiness.

T-Hub has also announced groundbreaking partnerships with CARE, Carrier Global, SIDBI, FalconX, KPMG, and the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI).

These collaborations span diverse sectors, including social business acceleration, design thinking infusion, cross-border startup support, investment ecosystem fueling, and innovation in geospatial and space-tech sectors.

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Principal Secretary for the Telangana government, Jayesh Ranjan said, “As Telangana’s startup ecosystem continues to evolve, T-Hub stands as a pivotal force, contributing significantly to innovation and growth.”

“Celebrating the achievements is a reflection of success and a testament to the collective efforts and vision that define Telangana’s journey, with T-Hub playing a central role in shaping the startup ecosystem,” added Ranjan.

Expressing delight, the CEO of T-Hub, Mahankali Srinivas Rao said, “As we celebrate eight years of innovation, T-Hub remains committed to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and driving transformative initiatives”.