Hyderabad: Temperature may touch 45 degrees Celsius as heatwave revives

Hyderabad: The maximum temperature in Hyderabad is likely to touch 45 degrees Celsius by tomorrow as the heatwave condition revives in the city.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted that the city will witness a maximum temperature of 41-45 degrees Celsius on June 5.

However, the weather department also predicted that the temperature will then drop to 36-40 degrees Celsius on Monday and Tuesday.

Temperature in Hyderabad, other districts

The city on Friday recorded maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The Telangana’s highest maximum temperature was recorded in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district.

On Sunday, most of the districts of the state is likely to record maximum temperature between 41 and 45 degrees Celsius.

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Monsoon in India

June is a unique month for India as half of the country enjoys the onset of the monsoon while other half witnesses summer and waits for the arrival rainfall.

Peninsular India sees the onset of monsoon first while other parts of the country record rainfall after a few days.

As per weather department’s prediction for the month of June, “Normal or above normal rainfall is most likely over northern parts of south Peninsula, some parts of east India and many parts of northwest & central India. Below normal rainfall is most likely over many parts of northeast India, some pockets of central & east India and southern parts of south peninsular India.”

Monsoon plays a crucial role in India as 80 percent of people are dependent on agriculture either directly or indirectly. It also has direct impact on inflation which is currently high.