Hyderabad: Tension erupts at Old City metro rail inauguration

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Tension prevailed at the venue of the old city Metro Rail inauguration program on Thursday night when Congress workers objected to the placement of cutouts featuring AIMIM party leaders.

Local Congress leader Naresh argued that AIMIM leaders should refrain from placing cutouts at the venue, emphasizing that it is a government program. He highlighted that the Congress party played a crucial role in expediting the Rs 2000 crore project.

In response, AIMIM leaders voiced their objections, leading to a protest. Supporters from both parties gathered and chanted slogans. When the police attempted to intervene, AIMIM workers resisted and accused the police of exhibiting biased behavior.

AIMIM MLA Bahadurpura Mohd Mubeen and MLC Mirza Rahmath Baig arrived at the scene and engaged with police officials. Subsequently, the police dispersed the gathering.

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