Hyderabad: Three newborns die at Niloufer Hospital in 24 hours

Hyderabad: Niloufer Hospital for Women and Children in Hyderabad which is famous for its treatment in the state has lately been in the news for wrong reasons. It has come to the fore that in the past 24 hours, the deaths of 3 newborns have occurred in the hospital due to the alleged negligence of the doctors.

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the people visit this government hospital to seek treatment. But the alleged careless response from the administrative staff and the inattentiveness of the doctors have turned this hospital from a desirable to an uncomfortable medical center for poor people.

It has been alleged that the doctors and the staff’s behaviour towards people especially Muslim women have been derogatory. The financially starved thousands of women approach the hospital for the birth of the child or for the free treatment of their children. However, the pathetic condition of the hospital and the alleged careless attitude of the doctors and the staff towards these poor people have led to the deaths of children.

The security personnel also use foul language against the visiting patients.

The Health Department needs to intervene immediately to correct the attitude of the doctors and the staff before things become serious and go out of control.

At present, due to the outbreak of seasonal diseases, many children are diagnosed with fever for which appropriate measures need to be taken in the hospital.