Hyderabad: Traffic advisory in view of Balkampet Yellamma Temple fest

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Hyderabad: In view of the annual festival of Balkampet Yellamma Ammavur Kalyanam in Hyderabad, the traffic police have issued an advisory applicable from July 8 to 10.

Due to the festival, moderate traffic congestion is expected because of devotees and their vehicles on the streets in and around Yellamma Temple, Balkampet.

Traffic from Greenlands, Matha Temple, and Satyam Theatre going towards Fateh Nagar will be diverted at SR Nagar T Junction towards SR Nagar Community Hall, Abilasha Towers, B.K. Guda X Road, Sriram Nagar X Road, and Sanath Nagar/Fateh Nagar Road.

Traffic coming from Fateh Nagar flyover and proceeding towards Balkampet will not be allowed and will be diverted at New Bridge towards Katta Mysamma Temple, Begumpet.

Traffic coming from Greenlands, Bakul Apartments, and Food World will not be allowed towards Balkampet and will be diverted at Food World X Roads towards Sonabai Temple, Satyam Theatre, Maithrivanam, and SR Nagar T Junction.

Traffic coming from Begumpet, Katta Mysamma Temple, and going towards Balkampet will not be allowed and will be diverted towards Greenlands, Matha Temple, Satyam Theatre, and SR Nagar T Junction, with a left turn to SR Nagar Community Hall.

Bylanes and link roads from SR Nagar T Junction to Fateh Nagar will remain closed.

Devotees are requested to park their vehicles at the following designated parking places in an orderly fashion:

  • R&B Office near SR Nagar T Junction
  • GHMC ground near Food World X Road
  • Padma Shree to Nature Cure Hospital roadside parking
  • Nature Cure Hospital Parking
  • Parking under Fateh Nagar Railway bridge

Commuters are also requested to take alternative routes to reach their destinations to avoid traffic congestion.

In case of any emergency, commuters are requested to call our traffic helpline at 9010203626 for travel assistance.

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