Hyderabad: Traffic advisory issued ahead of Bonalu celebrations

Hyderabad: Ahead of the Bonalu celebrations, scheduled between June 30 to July 28 2022, the traffic police have released an advisory emphasising traffic diversion due to various pujas scheduled during the festival.

The traffic department anticipates heavy traffic on the routes going towards the Golconda Fort including the roads connecting Ramdevguda to Golconda Fort going through Makkai Darwaza, and Langar Houz to Golconda Fort via Fathe Darwaza. Another area which is likely to be busy with the Bonalu processions is the Shikpet Nala, Seven Tombs to Golconda Fort through Banjara Darwaza.

The Bonalu processions will pass through the above-mentioned area during the aforementioned dates. Traffic restrictions in these areas will be in effect between 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Commuters are required to take diversions to avoid inconvenience.

The following are the parking arrangements made for the convenience of devotees participating in Bonalu celebrations at Golconda fort.

The Devotees coming from Ramdevguda side towards Golconda Fort through Makkai Darwaza must park their two-wheelers at the Ashoorkhana to Military Sentry point, whereas the four-wheelers shall park at Ashoorkhana parking space and Military Ground opposite AOC Center Ramdevguda.

The Devotees arriving from Langar Houz towards Golconda Fort are requested to park their Two & Three wheeler vehicles in HUDA park, whereas four-wheeler vehicles should park at Owaisi Ground or Foot Ball Ground.

The Devotees coming from Shaikpet, Seven Tombs towards Golconda Fort are requested to park their vehicles at Priyadarshini School, Area Hospital and Golconda Bus Stop, whereas four-wheeler vehicles shall proceed from Banjara Darwaza taking left towards Golconda Police Station road and park their vehicles at Foot Ball Ground or Owaisi Ground.