Hyderabad Traffic Police book 15k people for number plate tampering

Hyderabad: Following a rise in cases of people tampering with vehicle registration number plates, the traffic police here has started registering criminal complaints against such offenders. As many as 15,000 cases have been registered against such offenders by the Hyderabad traffic police since March this year.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police is making complaints at law and order police stations with regard to number plate tampering. Cases under different sections of the Indian Penal Code are booked against violators in thus case. In addition, the traffic police is also booking cases under relevant sections of Motor Vehicle Act.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Hyderabad, AV Ranganath had warned that in case of false number plates and deletion of digits/letters, the vehicles will also be seized. “Traffic officials will verify the registration number on the vehicle number plate with the documents. Criminal cases will be booked against those tampering the registration number of the vehicle and plying it on the road,” he stated.

Number plate tampering creates issues during investigation of crimes

Ranganath added that improper and faulty number plates on vehicles have several security and law & order implications. Wrong number plates could mislead the law enforcement agencies in detection or investigation of any offence. The Hyderabad traffic police is likely to tighten the noose around such violators in the days to come.

The issue was brought to light by law and order police and Task Force teams of the Hyderabad police. Personnel had earlier informed their higher-ups that vehicles bearing wrong registration plates were creating a lot of inconvenience during investigation of criminal offences.

After these problems came to notice, Hyderabad police commissioner CV Anand directed the traffic police to initiate stringent action against such persons.

According to officials from the Hyderabad Traffic police, most offenders tamper with number plates to evade traffic penalties imposed by cops through electronic surveillance. These pertain to violations of traffic rules like signal jumping, seat belt, helmet and triple riding.