Hyderabad: Two more gates opened at Osman Sagar after water reaches FTL

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) opened two more Osman Sagar gates up to three feet on Friday due to rain that fell on Hyderabad and its surrounding regions. Four of the reservoir’s gates are currently three feet open.

The reservoir’s water level was measured at 1,786.65 feet, against the FTL (Full Tank Level) of 1,790 feet, and the outflow was measured at 2,000 cusecs. The outflow time was 1248 cusecs.

Meanwhile, at Himayat Sagar, the water level was measured at 1,760.65 feet, compared to the FTL of 1,763.50 feet, and the inflow was 500 cusecs, with an outflow of 686 cusecs. The reservoir’s two gates are kept open.

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Officials from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation are also monitoring the Hussain Sagar, as the water level has risen above the FTL.

The water level in Hussain Sagar was measured at 513.43 m, against the FTL of 513.41 m. 

The lake’s maximum water level is 514.75 m.