Hyderabad: Two Nigerians held for smuggling drugs

Rangareddy: Two Nigerian nationals have been arrested for smuggling drugs. Telangana Police seized 4.5 gms of cocaine and 10 MDMA pills.

According to Shamshabad DCP Jagdishwar Reddy, “This morning, two Nigerian nationals were arrested and cocaine and tablets have been seized.”

One Nigerian national’s name was Ojignou Hudwill and the other person was Obinl Chima.

“As per the information, near Parama Reddy Hills, pillar number 200, SOT Madhapur and Rajendra Nagar Police intercepted the two Nigerians who were going on a two-wheeler. Upon checking them, we found 2 gms from the first person and 2.5 gms from the second person. A total of 4.5 gms have been seized,” said DCP Reddy.

He further told that the two arrested Nigerians got the drugs supplied from Delhi by three people named Ebuka, Level, and Emanuel.

According to the police official, 4.5 gm of cocaine and 10 tablets of MDMA, a bike, and 10 cellphones have been seized. A cash amount of twenty thousand and an overall worth of 2.2 lakh cash have also been seized.

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“We have been keeping a watch upon the Nigerian nationals as per the instructions given by Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra. These Nigerian nationals come for education, but due to their weak financial status, they try to smuggle cocaine and sell it here,” said DCP Jagdishwar Reddy.

The two Nigerians were residing near Langar house in Nanal Nagar.