Hyderabad: Vanasthalipuram cops seek custody of rape-accused Inspector

Hyderabad: The Vanasthalipuram police are filing a petition before the Hayathnagar court seeking custody for the investigation of the now suspended Hyderabad Police Inspector Nageshwar Rao in connection with rape by threatening to kill, and kidnapping a young woman.

The Inspector was arrested last week by the Hyderabad police for allegedly trespassing into the house of the woman at Hasthinapuram when her husband was away.

At gunpoint, the Inspector tried to rape the woman after forcefully entering the house. The Inspector was tracking the ‘live location’ of the husband of the victim through his mobile phone.

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The husband of the victim outshined the Inspector and came to Hasthinapuram after keeping his mobile phone in his native place. Caught by surprise, the Inspector attacked the man with his service pistol and forcefully kidnapped the couple and took them to Ibrahimpatnam asking them to leave the city and go elsewhere. After an accident, the couple escaped and returned to the city. A complaint was lodged and the police registered a case.

The Inspector is now in Cherlapally Central Prison – 14 kilometres from Secunderabad railway station – and reportedly lodged in a high-security prison.

In the remand report submitted to the court, the Vanasthalipuram police alleged Inspector Nageshwar Rao went in his car to the house of the victim around 9.30 p.m. The police collected the CCTV footage from a shop located near the house of the victim. In the footage the Inspector is seen entering the house.

The police also recorded the statement of the neighbourhood residents who confirmed all of them heard shouting from the house of the victim and when checked a car was found parked near the house.

The police meanwhile had collected several discriminating evidence against the Inspector from the house of the victim and sent it to Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.

Sources said the Vanasthalipuram police are probing a few more complaints made against the Inspector by some anonymous persons about his involvement in land settlement, links with brothel organizers and gambling organizers.